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Our Services

Easy Access To M.d. Doctors

Consult family physicians ,Specialists -most conveniently from your home or anywhere- just Open WhatsApp,chat with our expert , pay the consultation fees and get solution for your illness.

Chat Unlimited

You can CHAT with our doctors as much as you want for a full period of 7 days from taking a consultation (10am to 8pm IST).

Video/Voice Consultation

Want to discuss it over Voice or Video Chat? Yes, it is possible; you can ask your doctor for the same and can use TWO times VOICE/VIDEO consultation for FREE in 1 Week consultation fee .

Health Report Sharing

Scan and send entire medical reports and medicine history to solve the problem easily, You can even upload your Special reports like: X-Ray,sonography,ECG,2D-Echo,angiography reports etc .

Second Opinion

Get valuable second opinions on pathology/radiology reports and advices on diagnostic/surgical procedure,So that you take the right decision at the right time.

Transparent pricing

No hidden charges. What you see is What you get.Consultation fee includes free follow up till 7 days after your first consult ,for the same issue

UnBiased & Ethical health service

Our doctors have no incentives to prescribe tests or medication unnecessarily,Unlike in certain clinics or hostpital practice.

Legally valid prescriptions

Do you know that only digitally signed prescriptions are legally valid?All prescriptions issued by our doctors are digitally signed,insted of just scanned signatures,So that you are safeguarded against malpractice.

Anonymous & confidential

Choose to be anonymous if you wish,it is not necessary to tell your name/age/gender etc. We do not share any of your medical data with any third party.We believe in doctor - patient confidentiality

Follow-ups for a whole week

We have made follow-ups a lot easier for you. You can chat with the doctor on our panel after the initial Consultation for a whole one week anytime ,as much as you want, feel free to discuss and ask.

Service Offered

  • Common conditions: Fever, Cough, Cold, Headache, Joint Pain and Gastric troubles, Digestive Problems etc.
  • Systemic Diseases: Heart, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Thyroid Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Asthma, Gastritis etc.
  • Special Advises and second opinion on Angiography/Angioplasty, Bypass Surgery and Heart Valve Problems .
  • Diet and nutrition advice by expert Dietician and Nutritionist in conditions like obesity – weight reduction and fitness.
  • Stress and Social clinic: Special advices on how to manage stress in day to day life and how to “Not mind” social issues
  • Second Opinion clinic, special advices, further explanation and second opinion on your ongoing treatment or future treatment plan
  • Sex related issues and diseases counseling
  • De-addiction: advices on how to quit Smoking, Alcohol etc.
  • Yoga and meditation healing - special advices on Yoga by experts

Special note

We do not consult patients on whom physical examination is compulsory. Plus we do not treat emergency cases, so please do not take consultation for emergency or seriously ill patients who need to be hospitalized or otherwise. Also please do not contact for medico-legal cases and medical certificates