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Why iCure?


  • To get expert consultant doctor’s advice just from your home or from wherever you are, in simple, easy online steps (Clinic hours: 10 Am To 8 PM IST) .
  • It saves your time, transportation, money and lots of hustle and bustle.
  • Major benefit of electronic medical data sharing: Less common errors of listening/speaking or in history taking, especially in medicine writing and in advises (Written is better than oral and remembered!).
  • In normal clinic consultations you have only aprox. 5 to 10 minutes to explain your medical conditions to your doctor, in the same way your doctor has very less time to read all your files and medical reports, diagnosing, writing medications and also have to advise you on what to do and what not to do.But here, we have ample time for the open discussion, diagnosis and plan the treatment.
  • Huge benefit of modern day health advice videos/ audios/ articles which can be shared with you in aid to the explanation of your condition and in the plan of your treatment.
  • Here we have solution for your dilemma- ‘what kind of doctor is needed for this illness and where to go?’ Advice on each and every health conditions will be provided by us just at this single place.
  • Many health issues are hard to explain face to face, but it is very easy to share and discuss in a personalized chat, confidentially.
  • You can even hide your identity and ask the questions you feel shy for!
  • Transparent and honest advises are given, no unnecessary medical tests or useless medicines are going to be prescribed.
  • Option to chat/speak in our national language-Hindi also.
  • Get expert second opinion here- which is absolutely necessary and vital which can give you crystal clear understanding of your condition and management, clearing all the confusions.
  • A special place for those who seek answers to their medical queries and curiosities and strengthen medical knowledge. Just ask us a question.
  • Yoga is needed for everyone! Ask for a special and personalized Yoga plan suitable for you and your health condition.
  • We have expert dietitians to advise you how to loose or gain weight, and stay fit. Special diet advice for particular illness like hypertension, diabetes etc.
  • Want to stay healthy and avoid diseases? Have an expert advice on how to quit tobacco/smoking/alcohol. Guidance on stress and lifestyle management will also be provided here.
  • Special subscription for ICure’s whatsapp broadcast group with very informative health posts. (Free for one month with every consultation)

… All these in easy, friendly and effective way and cost- very less! Save our special number, open Whatsapp and start consultation!