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How to Use?

  • Open your Whatsapp.
  • Write briefly about the health issue you need to consult for and accordingly get our Doctor’s response (Clinic hours: 10 AM to 8 PM Indian Standard Time).
  • In response, Dr. may ask you to send more details i.e. your age, gender (for record purpose) and to describe your health issue and to send your available reports if needed. Health Issues can be discussed through chat or voice message.
  • Doctor will analyze your problem, answer you and will initiate the discussion (Only such medical problems will be treated where online consultation will be possible and enough, obviously the cases which require physical examination cannot be managed online).
  • Pay the consultation fees, if satisfied by the initial chat.
  • Discuss the case thoroughly and deeply with Doctor. You can Text Chat / upload reports etc. Doctor can use Voice Chat/Video if needed.
  • Problem solution or diagnosis will be done by the doctor. Providing an appropriate management plan, medicines will be prescribed on Whatsapp as e-prescription.
  • Transparent and honest advises are given, no unnecessary medical tests or useless medicines are going to be prescribed.
  • Option to chat/speak in our national language-Hindi also.
  • Follow the advices and buy the medicines from the nearest Pharmacy by showing the e-prescription.
  • Take the medicines/advices and see, problem solved :).
  • Say thanks to ICure and rate online if you want Follow up (if needed) free for the first week !