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How do we treat?

  • Our doctors follow the latest allopathic guidelines and prescribe medicines, according to modern medical science.
  • We do not follow the other systems of medicines like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yunani etc.
  • We listen to your complaints by chats or your voice messages and thus will be able to know your history carefully.
  • Now it is time for our friendly discussion regarding your condition, through text/voice chat. If needed, doctor may call you through Whatsapp.
  • If you have any medical reports, you may upload them and if some are needed, we may advice you to get them done at places convenient to you and send us.
  • We will study your uploaded medical reports and laboratory investigations (if any).
  • We will co-relate everything and come to the conclusion to make the diagnosis.
  • Thereafter, we will figure out what is best for you to solve your problem.
  • Best treatment plan, consisting of expert advice, guidance, line of management and required medical prescription will be provided to you.
  • You may purchase medicines from any of your nearby medical stores by presenting our e-prescription.
  • Plus special personalized Audio-Visual health advises i.e. videos, PDFs can also be provided and aid you to live a healthy life